Decay follows death,

Hidden structures visible,


Usually when you think of a skeleton, you think of animal matter, not plant.  This little leaf skeleton was a nice surprise during one of my woods walks.  I could just envision the leaf in the autumn, falling from the tree overhead to land on this mossy log.  Our mild winter allowed the leaf to stay in its resting place undisturbed while the thin membrane fell away, leaving just the “skeleton” behind.  I’m sure if I went back there today it would be gone, washed away in by a snow or rain fall.  Yet another reminder of how fleeting this life really is.  Do we really want to spend it chasing money and stressing ourselves into over medicated basketcases? I did not think so.  Breathe, look around, and enjoy…there is beauty all around us!


3 thoughts on “Autumn’s Skeleton

  1. Wonderful, as always. Wish I was still teaching so I could show your posts and let my students see what “creative” writing is all about.

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