Stripped of all clothing,

Beautiful simplicity,

Nothing more needed.

Another one of my forest preserve finds this winter.  I just found something beautiful in this homely little plant.  Completely stripped of its leaves, blooms, anything decorative…yet it stunned me with its simplistic elegance.  By removing everything else, symmetry and balance become things of beauty.  This simplicity is important to keep in mind, in our world of materialism and more, always more.  Even with all the recent focus on living the simple life, it is not always easy when constantly bombarded with a society that says we must have more…or we must do more…or we must achieve more of  whatever the current fashion dictates.  Teaching ourselves to see past the frippery to all of the beauty that is freely available to us, if only we are willing to see and appreciate it.



7 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. stunning! Simplicity is not always simple, but it is definitely beautiful – Divinely so. And another thanks for liking my “Broken Heart Meditation” post
    ]with love light and JOY

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