Weathered and flaking,

Bits of self falling away,

Character revealed.

I feel so much like how this tree looks.  Weathered, flaking, cracked and peeling but also beautiful in an interesting way.  As much as I would sometimes love to wish away the visible signs of aging, I would also want to keep the laugh lines and the scars, for those are the index of my life stories. Not a few adventures, some misadventures, more than a little laughter, too much time spent in the sun, these are what I try to focus on when I look in the mirror.  The wear and tear that formed my character, for better or worse.  I am not a lily, nor a rose, but hopefully I am as interesting as this birch tree.


4 thoughts on “My Layers

  1. You amaze me with your insight! Your “eye” for beauty is breathtakingly true and real. I look forward to each posting and hope that you continue the way you are going….it is inspirational. Thank you:))

  2. Once again, another beautiful pairing of a photo with insight. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Would you mind if I shared your site with a few of my friends?

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