Blanketed in white,

A quiet tunnel beckons,

The future calling.

Typically I would be riding this particular bit of trail but was on foot this visit, enjoying one of our rare snow falls this winter.  The sheer beauty of  this snowy path against the dark trees spoke to me.  I have always loved the idea of the road or pathway unwinding in front of me, like an adventure laying itself at my feet.     With each passing year,  I seem to spend more time either worrying about the present or lamenting the past, rather than looking forward to the future.  This picture reminds me to acknowledge the promise and potential that exists with each new day.


8 thoughts on “Pathway

  1. Such a beautiful photo. Your words about being caught in the past and concerned about the present really captured my feelings (and angst at this moment). Thank you for reminding me to focus on all the good that can come with the future…….especially the birth of my my first grandchild. Will always wish though, that Jim and I could have shared that joy and experience together.

    1. Oh Mary, I can’t even imagine what you must feel now. But the future will be wonderful, even if it isn’t what you had imagined it would be. And you know he will be experiencing the new grandbaby with you, even if from afar.

  2. Such a beautiful photograph, like the path could go on forever. We didn’t have much of a winter here this year and though I’m glad for the warm weather I really missed scenes like this one.

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