Accidental friend,

Unable to walk between worlds,

Be free beyond me.

This was a difficult week.  A few weeks ago, this  dog came into our lives by accident.  We certainly did not need another dog, especially a young, goofy male German Shepherdy dog.  Sometimes I think I must have a sign on my back, only readable by animals, that says “Sucker”.  We made room for him, gave him a name, and enjoyed his devoted silliness.  This past weekend he started making attempts to get out of the yard.  We made sure the fence was in good repair and did not think too  much of it.  He decided that going over the fence was really not that much of a challenge.  Then something switched, our world of domesticity,rules and obedience fell away and he found himself in a wild place.  A place where a neighbors chickens are a meal, anything that runs is prey, and humans become insignificant.  Luckily one of our other dogs was able to help him fall back into our world but it was too late, the damage had been done.  He would never again be satisfied with being a pet, if he ever really had been one.  I do not doubt that he was attached to us, but that other world would always lure him away to a dangerous place, dangerous both for him and for others.  While I hated to say goodbye to my friend, he is now free to follow his true nature.


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