Hibernation done,

Sunlight saturates our cells,

Renewal begins.

We have been experiencing an extraordinary spring this year.  Spring has come early and the weather has been spectacular.  All the flowers and the people have been coming out of their winter hibernation to enjoy the warmth and the sun.  What a feeling that is, stepping outside into the first bright and welcoming days.  Even if the winter was not particularly harsh, such as we experienced this season, there is just something about the lack of sunlight that depletes the body and soul.  I simply adore this season when our layers begin to come off, faces turn upwards, and we no longer feel the urge to brace against the elements but instead can embrace them.  How wonderful that, each year, we are given such a chance to renew our bodies and souls.  Make the most of it!


2 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. What a beautiful photograph! I agree that sunlight puts joy into our hearts. I never think I mind the gray Seattle weather until I step out into that first really gorgeous spring day. Then my heart just sings.

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