Small and reserved

Camouflaged from easy sight,

Effort reveals allure.

This small heather does not look terribly impressive at first glance.  It is a small, green, bushy thing with these little tiny sparks of color that have a hard time drawing your attention away from their more flamboyant neighbors.   However, when you do take the time and effort to look closely at them, what a lovely reward you receive!  How many times have we looked at someone and have dismissed them immediately from our further attention?  Perhaps they do not seem impressive because they do not look like us, or they do not have the furnishings that our society deems important.  But what if we put a little effort into looking closer?  The above photo required that I get on my hands and knees in a  lumpy, uncomfortable patch of garden, should not we extend at least the same amount of effort in order to really see a fellow person?  It would not necessarily be convenient or easy, but think of the potential beauty to be seen!


6 thoughts on “Taking The Time

  1. Great post! That is what I like about taking macro shots, I am able to see the beauty of the smallest things which we would normally disregard and think of as insignificant.

    I love heather and we have lots of places here planted with them. When they bloom in summer, the sight is amazing as if the whole place is carpeted in pink. 😉

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