Disdainful hubris,

Too cowardly to ask why,

Corrupted caring.

Judging other people.  Unfortunately we have all fallen prey to this at some point in our lives.  We judge people and situations based on many factors but usually a lack of understanding of an entire situation is at the heart of the matter.  How many times have we been given one side of a story and made a judgement?  How many times have we jumped to conclusions or made an assumption and judged someone?   Making judgements make us feel better about ourselves.  We would never behave in such a fashion.  We would never do such a thing.  We are better than that.   Are we really better when we make  these judgements?  What would happen if, instead of jumping to conclusions and making our judgements, we had the courage to ask about the other side of the story?  To actually approach a person and engage in a dialogue.  “Excuse me, please help me understand why XYZ occurred”  or “I am curious as to what led you to do XYZ?”  What would happen if we were able to engage our sense of compassion and consider that there probably are circumstances that we are unaware of that led to certain actions or thoughts?  Or perhaps, most basic of all,  we need to look at a situation and realize that it really just is not any of our business.  Judging others may make a person feel better in the short-term, but in the end it leaves the soul like this old apple,  shriveled, dried out and rotten inside.  I prefer to live my life differently.


3 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. You are right, it is horrible. And it’s frightening how easy it is to do. Unfortunately this week I was reminded of just how much it can hurt a person when others judge them. My renewed commitment to not causing the kind of hurt I experienced is what inspired this post.

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