Surrounding Us

Life, joy and beauty,

Sometimes where least expected,

Always surround us.

The busy lives we lead do not always leave much room for appreciating what lies all around us.  It becomes doubly hard when, in addition to being busy, we are tired, stressed and always feeling like we are three steps behind where we think we should be.  What if we tried to take regular “beauty breaks” as a way to counter what sometimes seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity in our lives?  Take the time to appreciate the positive that surrounds us every day.


Opening to Possibilities

Open to the world,

Reach inwards and then upwards,

Letting self shine forth.

How many times have we thought that something was absolutely impossible for us to achieve?  Or we have talked ourselves out of something before even giving it a try.   I have been guilty of this for quite some time, have told myself that striving for my dream was too hard, impractical, not the right time, etc., etc., etc.  Does this sound familiar?  Opening ourselves up to believe that we can achieve a dream is a very tough step to take, but is the crucial first step. Even baby steps forward are self-actualization.  Imagine what we can accomplish if we are willing to remove our self-barriers!

What do you want to achieve?


Unsure and timid,

I want nothing but to hide.

The world pulls me out.

How is it that we can both be so afraid of attention, yet as humans crave it so much?  That desire to have attention focused on us, yet the fear that we will, we must be found lacking.  Often times it seems preferably to remain invisible.  What a shame that we too frequently are the very ones that hide our own light, that allow our fears and insecurities to darken our self-perception.  The world wants and needs more people of light, love and happiness.  How amazing that we hold the key to that right inside of ourselves, we just need to turn it and let ourselves show.

Change of Seasons

Icy winter’s beast,

Facing unstoppable change,

Embraces new life.

A last remnant of Winter, facing the warming of the Spring’s sun and change that cannot be stopped.  Some change we look forward to, like the coming of spring after a long winter or the birth of much wanted child.  And some change confuses and scares us, like the loss of a loved one, a need to start over, or the need to regain a part of ourselves.  Change will come, whether we want it to or not.  Will we survive and prosper or will we prove unable to adapt?  The very fact that change scares us so much, the unknown, the different, the why it becomes so important to learn to deal with changes in our lives.  It is often difficult, and it is not always pleasant, but change is such an  opportunity for us to grow and learn, to adapt to a new set of circumstances.  Change might be an end, but it is important to remember that it is also a beginning.


Limited by walls,

Anxiety closes in,

Courage’s door calls.

Sometimes the simplest things require the most courage.  How often do we allow ourselves to be contained by walls of fear?  Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of facing our weaknesses, so many fears build our walls and keep us in the dark. Often times we do not even  realize that we are contained behind these walls.  Our fears and anxieties shape our perception of what is normal, and become our standard, our uncomfortable comfort zone.  We live with panic, anxiety, anger,  fear, and depression simply because it had managed to surround us.  To break through these walls takes real courage, to admit that we might not be perfect, that perhaps we need some help…this is where a person’s real courage is revealed.  Be courageous and move beyond your walls.

Am I Ordinary?

I am as I seem,

Mundane, but for one instant


How often do we just feel ordinary,  that there is really nothing to special about ourselves?  That we are just  average, okay, proficient, middle of the road, in other words…ordinary.  We have been told that we are unique and special, but how often do we really feel that way?  When we were children, we were convinced that we were special and that one day, the world would see just how special we are.  However, we grow up and life speeds on.  Responsibilities and worries replace our dreams and we settle comfortably into ordinariness.   In just a few more days, these beautiful blooms will become your ordinary, run of the mill maple leaves.  Or will they?  Now having seen how unique and beautiful they can be, even if it’s just for a short time, will we ever be able to look at the leaves and think they are ordinary again?  If a maple tree can be extraordinary on a regular basis, why should we think that we cannot?   How much like this tree we truly are, if we only allow ourselves to see it.  We may not be extraordinary all of the time, but that just makes more precious those moments in which we are truly spectacular.