I am as I seem,

Mundane, but for one instant


How often do we just feel ordinary,  that there is really nothing to special about ourselves?  That we are just  average, okay, proficient, middle of the road, in other words…ordinary.  We have been told that we are unique and special, but how often do we really feel that way?  When we were children, we were convinced that we were special and that one day, the world would see just how special we are.  However, we grow up and life speeds on.  Responsibilities and worries replace our dreams and we settle comfortably into ordinariness.   In just a few more days, these beautiful blooms will become your ordinary, run of the mill maple leaves.  Or will they?  Now having seen how unique and beautiful they can be, even if it’s just for a short time, will we ever be able to look at the leaves and think they are ordinary again?  If a maple tree can be extraordinary on a regular basis, why should we think that we cannot?   How much like this tree we truly are, if we only allow ourselves to see it.  We may not be extraordinary all of the time, but that just makes more precious those moments in which we are truly spectacular.


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