Unsure and timid,

I want nothing but to hide.

The world pulls me out.

How is it that we can both be so afraid of attention, yet as humans crave it so much?  That desire to have attention focused on us, yet the fear that we will, we must be found lacking.  Often times it seems preferably to remain invisible.  What a shame that we too frequently are the very ones that hide our own light, that allow our fears and insecurities to darken our self-perception.  The world wants and needs more people of light, love and happiness.  How amazing that we hold the key to that right inside of ourselves, we just need to turn it and let ourselves show.


7 thoughts on “Shy

      1. I love the way words can say so much, even though there are so few of them. This is the trick to songwriting, too, and I always admire artists who can pull together what they want to say in less than a book… 🙂 I also love images of nature – they, too, can convey a message if they are carefully done. To mix the two is lovely.

  1. I was trained thinking that to put down more words was better. I am now finding that to say fewer words, but have those words carry more weight can often convey the meaning better.

    1. I think that’s true. If I happen upon a blog, if it is over 800+words, I tend not to read it – I like to swoop in, get the point, and get on to the next thing. Unless it REALLY grabs my attention, I’m off. Plus, the mental challenge of poetry appeals to me. I don’t write it very often and enjoy seeing what others can produce. Imagine all of the world’s arguments if we had to put it into poetry. They would dry up! 🙂

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