My Shell

Twisted up tightly,

Unsure and out of my element


It is disconcerting to discover that you hide  to protect yourself.  We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we just do not feel like a “fit”.  It might be social situations, it could be work, hopefully it isn’t at home.  The realization that the people around you have no interest in looking beyond their opinions, views or agendas.  It doesn’t matter who you really are, or who you have grown to be, they will only see the person they have conjured up.  Guilty of having judged others, I receive a good lesson when judged unfairly.  I curl up into my shell and try to shut out the hurt.  I want to reach out into the light and move along my life.  Perhaps when the danger has passed, I will feel safe enough.


Beneath a Tree

Sit beneath a tree,

Listen to the wind whisper,

Sharing it’s secrets.

How wonderful it is to just sit beneath a tree and exist.  To feel the sun and shade on your face, to listen to the wind, to feel the grass beneath you and the bark of the tree at your back.  No worries, no intrusions, no schedules and no tasks, except to simply breathe and be.


Unable to see,

The trap’s escape eludes me.

Dreams of flight remain.

Having a dream, but being unable to see the way to achieving it is a true trap of the self.  Frequently we have a dream but end up so frustrated because we cannot see any way to get out of our present situation and work towards our goal.  Our jobs, our lives, our responsibilities or our limitations as we see them all make up our self-trap.  Instead of staring straight at the part that holds us back, perhaps we should try taking a hard look all around us and find the way to fly towards our dreams.   To look at the ways we CAN, instead of all the ways we CANNOT is the secret to our escaping the self trap.

A Gardener’s Efforts

One beautiful bloom

Carrying  all of the love

of a parent’s heart.

Who has the harder task, the gardener or the flower? Few would deny that being a parent is hard work.  But perhaps being the child is just as difficult.  One side is trying to learn about the world, while the other side is trying to protect and nuture them in that world.   The flower sees the sun and reaches towards it.  The gardener worries about water and weeds.    Does the flower appreciate the gardener’s efforts or does it just find them frustrating?  Does the gardener lose sight of the bloom’s beauty due to the exhaustion from nourishing it?  Do not forget to appreciate the effort that went into your own “blooming”!


It wells from inside,

unbidden and unconstrained,

Joy shouts loud and clear.

Sometimes it might seem that joy is either difficult to find or even completely absent from our lives.  Our society would have us believe that joy and happiness are only present when we have new things, expensive things, are madly and freshly in love, or have claimed fame and power.  But joy lives within and all around us, if we allow ourselves to look.  This beautiful bank of tulips, an early present from a capricious spring is just a small example of the luxuries that fill our lives.  By recognizing and then removing society’s blinders, it becomes easier to see our joy.