It wells from inside,

unbidden and unconstrained,

Joy shouts loud and clear.

Sometimes it might seem that joy is either difficult to find or even completely absent from our lives.  Our society would have us believe that joy and happiness are only present when we have new things, expensive things, are madly and freshly in love, or have claimed fame and power.  But joy lives within and all around us, if we allow ourselves to look.  This beautiful bank of tulips, an early present from a capricious spring is just a small example of the luxuries that fill our lives.  By recognizing and then removing society’s blinders, it becomes easier to see our joy.


5 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Tulips capture joy very well – they ‘live’ in the moment – their lives are so fleeting, but they grin all the way through. we could learn a thing or two about joy from them!

  2. How very true. We all miss so much, let so many little, beautiful moments slip by without even a glance, because we have been conditioned to only celebrate the momentous events in life.

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