Unable to see,

The trap’s escape eludes me.

Dreams of flight remain.

Having a dream, but being unable to see the way to achieving it is a true trap of the self.  Frequently we have a dream but end up so frustrated because we cannot see any way to get out of our present situation and work towards our goal.  Our jobs, our lives, our responsibilities or our limitations as we see them all make up our self-trap.  Instead of staring straight at the part that holds us back, perhaps we should try taking a hard look all around us and find the way to fly towards our dreams.   To look at the ways we CAN, instead of all the ways we CANNOT is the secret to our escaping the self trap.


5 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. I can so identify. My “trapped” is a bit different, and in everyone’s life there are things that can’t be circumvented….only conquered. Still, as long as we exist, we can dream and hope and work toward attaining those goals. When we stop doing that, we may still exist, but no longer live.

    1. I agree that we need to keep our dreams alive if we are truly going to live. Sometimes we need to remember that it’s more about the journey, than arriving at the destination, and I’d rather look back at my life and see how I worked toward my dreams, rather than have just given them up.

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