Sit beneath a tree,

Listen to the wind whisper,

Sharing it’s secrets.

How wonderful it is to just sit beneath a tree and exist.  To feel the sun and shade on your face, to listen to the wind, to feel the grass beneath you and the bark of the tree at your back.  No worries, no intrusions, no schedules and no tasks, except to simply breathe and be.


10 thoughts on “Beneath a Tree

  1. Just reading this post made me feel calm. A good one to memorize and repeat to myself when I’m trying to deal with stressful situations.
    Thank you.

    1. Lily,

      I want to send you hugs. I’m sorry I haven’t been following things lately, having been caught up in my own trivial matters. I am so sorry for your loss and would just want to let you know that there is one more person in this world that cares.

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