Frustrations fade as

eyes grow soft, vision expands,

Tranquility dawns.

How wonderful is that moment when you first feel tranquility stealing over you.  That fleeting moment when the jaw relaxes, the shoulders drop and the eyes soften.  It seems that those moments are so rare and precious in our busy lives that often times we lose the ability to truly appreciate them when they appear.  How wonderful would it be if we were able to give ourselves a daily gift of tranquility!  Perhaps over a  cup of coffee in the morning before our day gets ahold of us.  Or perhaps in the evening, as twilight dims her light on the stresses of the day.  Enjoy your gift to yourself!



A single blossom

Surrounded yet set apart


Our society does not seem to value the ability to be alone.  We are constantly inundated with the idea that we must always be with someone, either romantically, socially or even in the workplace.  That being alone is a negative state that should be avoided whenever possible.  How unfortunate that we are not supposed to be comfortable with the idea of keeping ourselves company, of learning to enjoy our own thoughts, ideas and feelings without the distractions of others.  Many times, we are in the best company when we are by ourselves.


Small leaves reaching out

New sprout from unlikely place

Growth makes a difference.

Sometimes we grow in unexpected ways.  Do we really know what are our strengths and weaknesses?     Should we be expected to know everything about ourselves or are we allowed to be surprised when we discover that we’ve grown and changed in an accidental way?   It seems that part of the allure of self-exploration is finding areas of yourself that have previously been unnoticed.  Like this leaf sprouting from its unlikely spot, how have you grown in an unexpected way?