Blessings in your life,

Visible but often missed.

Learning to notice.

How many times have we heard the phase, “count your blessings”?  Or we should write a “gratitude journal”, to remind ourselves of all the things we have in our lives that we are to be grateful for.  Does it occasionally seem that we are made to feel guilty if we don’t offer up a public offering of our gratitude?  Yet another failing that we are forced to feel.  But what is wrong with quietly enjoying, even basking in the positives in our lives?  Without the negatives, we would never enjoy the positives.  But without the positives, we wouldn’t have negatives to complain about!  I would hope that we would all try to concentrate on the positives, rather than the negatives in our lives, but take the pressure off…there is no need to show them to anyone but ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. So true, about blessings and gratitude. Contrast has its purpose, but I am happier when grateful. Thank you for the thoughts and beautiful photo, too.
    ~ Lily

    1. Lily, I agree that I’m happiest when I’m grateful. Sometimes it’s quite a bit of work to convince others of how grateful we are! As long as I realize that I have many things to be grateful for, that’s the important thing.

  2. Missed you!!! Great as always. I agree with your sentiment. Our lives are just that, and our actions don’t require the constant validation by others to be meaningful.

    1. Hi Mary! It’s nice to be back! I changed jobs this month and am having to get used to a different schedule. It’s been quite the adjustment to try and fit in everything, including the writing but I’m getting better at juggling everything.

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