Wooden walkway leads,

Spanning our distant selves,

Pathway to self-truth.

We all have transition points in our lives.  We transition from childhood to adulthood, from single to married, from career to career, our lives are filled with transitions.  While each transition comes with its own stress, and some transitions are painful, each transition is such an opportunity for growth.  If only we can look at each transition as a bridge to a new stage of development, a new stage of growth, a new branch on the path of life, then we might appreciate the power of the bridge, the power of the transition.  Life is a transition, to fear change is to fear life.  Frightening, yes. exhilarating, sometimes.  Part of life, always.  Do not fear the bridge, it takes you along your path.


4 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Very meaningful observations…especially for my life the past several years. Traveling the path alone still seems very painful and scary to me though.
    Beautiful photo. Was it taken somewhere near to you?

    1. The photo was taken at the Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, which is about 40 minutes from us.

      You have had quite a few bridges to cross over the past few years, unfortunately there’s not much that can be done but cross them.

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