Denying my want,

Emotional explosion,

I cannot obtain.

How many times do we just want to explode?  To totally cut loose, free our emotions, shout our feelings out to the world….to stuff our faces with cupcakes and satisfy our inner feelings!  Our doctors, our waistlines and society in general would be horrified.  We are supposed to be more controlled, more sophisticated  and just plain better than that.  Granted, I am not a big fan of emotional eating, not because I don’t understand it’s appeal but because I understand it’s appeal all too well.   The infinite battle between our physical and our physiological…who determines the winner?  We all face crises in our life….how do we deal with them?  Do we push them out of sight?  Do we drown them with outside factors?  Do we tuck them away until we have a quiet moment to fully examine them?   I do not know….all I know is that some life crisis call for a cry, a friend, or simply a cupcake.


Pure Gold

Your name meant “Pure Gold”

Your love was worth a fortune,

My heart is in debt.

Almost everyone knew you as “Zippy”.  Few knew that your actual name was “Ibriiz”… even fewer knew that you were a National Specialty winner, and a Best in Field winner and a defender of human children against a Ridgeback horde.  What defines a “Winner”?  That you won medals, ribbons, accolades, $$$$?  Or that you were able to effortlessly win over the hearts of everyone you met?  So many visitors to our home have commented on the number of dogs, or the obnoxiousness of  the rat terrier. But everyone  commented on Zippy’s presence…gentle, yet protective and loving all at the same time.  In the end Time had her way with him….she stole his amazing athleticism, she stole his ability to stand guard over his family.  But in the end, I stole from Her the  ability to take his dignity.

Thank you Zip.  Run free, get the bunny and know that we miss you horribly.

RIP BISS, Int’ Ch., BIF  Shi’ Rayan’s Ibriiz at Mystic Ridge.


A fleeting blossom,

Unconcerned about Fate’s Wheel,

Direct and lovely.

How often the worries of life madly spin us around.  Jobs, money, status, all of these things preoccupy us to the point where it becomes difficult to see clearly.  An entire world exists outside of our modern worries, a world of peace, beauty and tranquility.  The Wheel of Fate will always turn, upending our fortunes and lives.  Like a child riding a merry-go-round in the playground, if you do not find something beyond the spinning to focus on, you will become dizzy and fall.  Whether it is a rose blossom, a good friend or something else that speaks to your heart, be direct in your appreciation  and find your inner focus.