Rough around the  edge,

Battered but craving comfort,

Starving soul meets love.

“Big Red” showed up in our barn partially starved, physically compromised , and desperate.  He did not trust humans, but his hunger and shattered rear end forced the issue.  Over the course of two years, he came to trust…to appreciate regular food, kind words and a loving touch.  He changed from a distrustful, feral animal into our “Big Red”, a slightly touchy but loving fellow.  Beautiful, semi-wild, grateful but un-beholden to anyone. Sometime late this summer you left, went on a walkabout, and have never returned. At this point we do not fear the worst, we understand the inevitable…and we mourn you.  None of us get out alive, some leave sooner than other and we miss those who have gone before us.  I hope that “Big Red” learned to trust people enough that he will now cuddle up on Joyce (Snyder nee Eaton), Kathy (Smith nee Hamilton), James Snyder, and Spencer Snyder….and will help relay their messages to the ones they left behind.



2 thoughts on “Making Friends

    1. Thank you! He looked better in that picture than he tended to in real life. Life had not been easy for him, it usually isn’t for stray cats, but he was sweet and so enjoyable to have around. It’s funny how they come into your life by accident but make such an impact.

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