Light against darkness,

hardship highlights joy,

And hope burgeons from the mire.

Life is full of both happiness and hardships that we must experience.  While we might wish we could forgo the hardships, they are a necessary part of life.  Hardships can teach us much about ourselves, as well as ensure that we fully appreciate the happiness when it comes our way.





so painful to need help, but

asking begets growth.

As Americans, we are taught that independence is a good thing, something to be valued and admired.  Some of us may be a bit too independent, trying to do everything on our own and not wanting to ask for help. We might think that needing assistance is a sign of weakness, a character flaw.  However, like a flower that needs a bee to pollinate it, the fact is that we  need help from others.    It seems that knowing when to ask for help might be a sign of true strength…to know when you must reach out and trust  others to help.   To be vulnerable and not afraid to say, “I don’t know what to do now”.   And in exposing yourself, you gain the insight necessary to respond when it is your turn to help someone.