A capricious breeze – 

never still, never static,

Fate pledges nothing.

I wrote this shortly before my father passed away. It has taken me some time to come back around and add this little piece to it, as I have wanted to give myself more space to think on the theme of life/Fate/existence as an ever-changing thing.

I personally have seem to have gone through more change in the past four years, than many people experience in a decade. The past 18 months in particular have included 2 moves, becoming an empty nester, two job changes/losses, going back to school and changing careers, and the death of my remaining parent. Oh, and a puppy! I have often found myself wishing that things would just settle down for awhile so that I can catch my breath. But that just really does not seem to be how the universe works, does it? Change is all around us. It is even right inside of us, as we are not 100% the same as we were yesterday. Not only physically, but the experiences of yesterday have changed how we view today’s world. Sometimes the change is dramatic, as in the death of a loved one. But many times it is small and seemingly insignificant as maybe a crick in the neck or a particularly good cup of coffee.

The fact is that change is eminent and necessary. How much stress do we create for ourselves by fighting this? Perhaps if we try to look for the day to day differences with a grateful and open mind, we can develop more flexibility in dealing with the inevitable changes that life will bring us.


2 thoughts on “No Guarantees

  1. Gosh, forgot I was following you on this. Love the poem and and your narrative. Sorry to hear of the death of your parent. Yes, you have gone through a lot of change but you know the old saying, “That which does not kill us, only blah, blah, blah”. Don’t you just want to smack people that say that!

    I miss being your electronic pen pal. It’s good to know you’re out there still fighting the good fight. Keep your head down and your eyes open!

    Brian LeMaster

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