Behind us



Releasing what was – 

A fleeting reality,

existing no more.


I had the occasion recently to show someone my hometown.  I had described it of course, told stories of growing up there, but had not had the chance to actually drive around and have him see it.  So after we had been driving around and I was pointing out things,  my companion chuckled and said that the town he was seeing did not fit the picture of I had painted at all.  I stopped for a moment, and realized that he was right (he more often than not is).  My hometown, the one that I experienced and have carried around in my memories for, well…let’s just say a long time, no longer existed outside of my head.

Since then I have toyed with that realization.  How much of the things we carry around with us in our heads simply no longer exist?  The hurts, the disappointments, all the negative things that we humans tend to lay in our little red wagons and pull behind us through life.  Things happen, words spoken, actions taken and, for better or worse, it shapes us, you cannot erase what has happened.  But how many needless, painful things do we carry with us that are just no longer a reality?  Perhaps then we can lay some of the hurt to rest and live in this moment with a clearer vision.


Into The World



Carefully tended – 

delicate blossom outgrows 

its youthful garden.


Having recently become an empty nester, I’ve been contemplating how, ultimately, the sign that we have done our job as parents well is that our children move away.  To raise a child who is strong and independent enough to venture out into the world and start growing in a garden of their own making is what we strive for.  It is an emotional time, but can be an exciting transition to being able to focus on your own garden.





Slow breath, in and out,

Years of imbalance leave marks

But not destruction.




Expansion outward –

true self filled with light and warmth,

claiming your own space.




Looking At You!


Brillantly common –

a symbolic messenger

grabs our attention.


We flit through our days, busy with mundane chores.  Perhaps we feel invisible or commonplace, just another person trying to get through a day.  We lose sight of our uniqueness, the things that make us special…like a cardinal is unaware of it’s brillant coloring.  Fluff your feathers and remember who you are!




Life’s fluxuations – 

both beneficial and harsh,

grow our uniqueness.


Winds of Change


Invisible push-

automatic resistance

before the release.


I learned a valuable lesson recently.  Even when we desire and know that a change must happen, there is an inherent urge to resist.  This resistance can take many forms and it’s important to recognize how you unconsciously fight change.  Like the milkweed seed, we cling to where we are, even though we are meant to fly in a new direction.  Learning to recognize  your own tendencies to resist change and  overcome them is something that can only make your life better.




Self-importance fades –

Divinity radiates,

connecting us all.



A Moment



Changing everything –

Time separated from life


Just a reminder that none of us are guaranteed a certain amount of time.  Make the most of the time you are given.