A Moment



Changing everything –

Time separated from life


Just a reminder that none of us are guaranteed a certain amount of time.  Make the most of the time you are given.


Winter’s Rest


Crystal coverlet

Expedites seasonal rest,

New dreams created.

While winter certainly brings challenges, with the shortened days and cold temperatures, it is also a time of rest and renewal.  A opportunity to slow down our normally frantic pace and give ourselves the chance to relax and organize our space and ourselves for the upcoming year. Whether it’s cleaning a closet or setting new goals, it’s a time to concentrate on clearing the way forward on our road through the new year.





Sunlight and shadow,

Necessary opposites,

Create life’s balance.

It seems that we are supposed to a life filled with nothing but happiness and joy.  That this is the ultimate goal, the thing we should constantly strive towards.  Believing that we must achieve happiness as a constant state of being can lead to feeling of failure.  The reality is that not every day is a happy one.  We all have those days/weeks/months/years that leave us battered, bruised and broken.  Without the shadows, we are unable to appreciate the light.




Unassuming bits,
industriously woven.
A haven for our heart.

When society promotes always having more and better things, it can cause a person to lose sight of the things that truly make a person valuable.  Kindness, honesty, compassion, respect, courage…these should be the building materials of a life.  Wealth, prestige, and power may give the illusion of producing a happy, worthwhile existence, however the pursuit of these things often leads to frustration and heartache.  Like a nest built out of humble twigs, a life dedicated to simple principles can provide the shelter we desire.